The Ladies of St. Cecilia’s

The Ladies of St. Cecilia’s

Mission Statement


 In friendliness, the Ladies of St. Cecilia

welcome all women of the Parish.

Whenever called upon, we will enhance spiritual activities and provide hospitality with the compassion, kindness and gentleness of the Holy Spirit. We are also committed to serving our Parish and community through charitable contributions.

We have two rummage sales with a bake sale (spring and fall) a year. We work from Monday to Saturday setting up, selling and cleaning up. Our average income is about $2,000 each.

The money we raise has bought the lectern and presider chairs for the Sanctuary. We also paid to have a chalice refurbished.

We pay for Living Faith and ½ the Word Among Us, reading materials to enhance our spiritual growth.

We gave a sizeable donation to the new handicap ramp.

We offer scholarships for Guggenheim (summer camp for youth) and support other youth ministry programs.

Our other service to the Parish community is providing luncheons for funerals.

We meet 6 times a year (Sept, Oct, Nov, Mar, Apr, and May). We take a break from meetings during the summer and reconvene in September with the Fall Rummage Sale being the first order of business. All women of St. Cecilia’s are welcome to join us

At the June meeting, the Ladies Group had their annual election of officers.  Current officers are:

President :  Linda Hludzenski

Vice President :

Secretary : Rose Morgan

Treasurer : Rose Morgan

We are currently looking to update our roster.

Please fill out the form at the bottom and return in the collection basket. You can also mail it to the Parish in care of St. Cecilia’s. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Linda Hludzenski at 315- 232-2329 or Rose Morgan at 315-583-5101. Thank you.


Name: _____________________________________________________

 Phone Number: Home: ____________ cell# _________

 Address: ___________________________________________

                     I can help with: Please circle any or all!  

Rummage Sales (set up, sell, and/or clean up)

Bake for the bake sales        

Cook or bake for funeral luncheons

Help with set up, serve or clean-up for luncheons

I am interested in more information about your meetings

Dear God Please Inspire us to gladden the hearts of all people by filling the world with your gifts of kindness and love.     Amen.